In a Nutshell

Data-by-Choice is a unique combination deep domain experience, and the eagerness and enthusiasm of a young organization. An analytics consulting company born from the belief that moving from data to insights requires combination of three distinct capabilities- Data Science, Domain Knowledge & Ability to leverage technology – the triple-stranded DNA of Data-by-Choice. We bring it all together to deliver analytics solutions that actually work and create real business value.

“I never predict. I just look out the window and see what’s visible – but not yet seen”
~ Peter F. Drucker.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become trustworthy and long-term partners to our customers by building fact-based, unbiased and scalable solutions to business challenges using advanced analytics.

Data-by-Choice would partner with customers to help enhance their enterprise visibility, help re-engineer information life-cycle right from data to decisions. To achieve this we will first establish ourselves as “experts for hire” by finding answers to questions that are important for our clients and then becoming client’s “trusted advisor” who helps them ask the right question and works with them to find the solution.

“You are neither right nor wrong because the crowd disagrees with you. You are right because your data and reasoning are right.”  
   ~ Benjamin Graham.

Our Core Belief

Data-by-Choice is born from the core belief that, every consulting solution ever conceptualized needs to have a core purpose – To enhance the Business Performance of the Customer. And what is more, we intend to measure the value created and get it ratified by our customer.


  • Acid-test for any data-driven organization is when all CXO level decisions are taken based on data; we believe that deriving real value from data-driven decision making requires applying Analytics to strategic decisions: 10% of the decisions that influence 90% of the organizational outcomes.
  • To make a data-driven organization functional, it is critical that right data is made available to the decision makers in real-time. This may involve a comprehensive data-life-cycle re-engineering.
  • We believe delivering real value from Analytics requires combination of three distinct capabilities- Data Science, Domain Knowledge & Ability to leverage technology – which constitute the triple-stranded DNA of Data-by-Choice.

Analytics and Nirvana

What is a “right investment” in analytics?.The two primary reasons why an investment in analytics fails to bear fruit are:

  • Poor Data Architecture – Inadequate data definitions and governance, and the data is stored in isolated silos. Companies often find that they are swimming in data but do not exactly what they need, or where to find it.
  • Leap from Data to Actionable Insights – Data need to be cajoled to tell a story. This is possible by amalgamation of abilities in mathematics, IT and business. Very few Analytics companies have been able to do that.

Data-by-Choice intends to bridge this gap.

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