The best of business strategy is only as good as – how it is implemented. The same is true for any strategic organizational initiative including SAP, Supply Chain or the latest on Hype cycle – Analytics.. The increasing focus on Analytics, Big-Data and Data-driven-decision making – all of this perhaps represents a revolution in the making, but it will also be just as good as how it is planned and implemented.


We are an Integrated Business Analytics Consulting firm that delivers a comprehensive solution from data to decisions… that works real time, adaptive and scales as your needs expand. In our experience typical “point” solutions offered by most analytics firms are unlikely to deliver any material business value in the long-term..

While analyzing the structured and unstructured data from external data subscriptions and Social Media is fairly standard now, same cannot be said about developing analytics from ‘enterprise data sources’ and myriad internal applications from multiple global locations and legal entities. Data-by-Choice intends to bridge this gap and endeavor to build solutions right from data definitions, data standards and data capture, and where necessary a complete Re-engineering of the service-chain from data – to- decisions.


Many companies have jumped on the Analytics bandwagon quite quickly without seriously understanding what constitutes a right investment, or what investment would provide what business value.

The core purpose of analytics being “data driven-proactive decision making”, It is critical to understand Organizational imperatives – “what Key decisions require what data and what analysis” to start with, and what “incremental business value” comes from such analytics and proactive-informed decision making. At Data-by-Choice, we strongly recommend starting off with a comprehensive due-diligence to work out a business case and Road-map for analytics investments.


Competitive advantage in any business would squarely depend on the ‘quality’ of decisions at different levels – and in most companies, the quality of decisions is as good as the ‘instinct’ of managers. Be it CMO’s in the market, CFO’s managing money, Production Managers, Supply Chain Managers, or Traders in a dealing room – ‘advanced analytics’ can help in reducing subjectivity in decision making.

At Data-by-Choice, we are passionate about building statistical and heuristic models – which are both interactive and can ‘learn as you use’ – i.e., the models become more and more perfect as you continue to use them. We deploy domain functional experts and very senior data scientists to work in tandem. We have no rookies on rolls!

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