Enterprise Readiness Assessment for Data-Driven Decision Making

  •   Data-driven decision making practices
  •   Key org. decisions -data sufficiency-availability analysis
  •   Data governance practices
  •   It application portfolio
  •   Data access / Services / Integration layers

  Analytics Road-map and Business Case

  •   Aligning with your strategy map and balanced scorecard
  •   Key strategic / Tactical / Operational Decisions
  •   Data-to-decisions life-cycle assessment
  •   Business value assessment
  •   Analytics initiatives road-map and Business case

  Predictive Analytics Modeling

  •   Data sufficiency / Data sourcing, cleaning and normalization
  •   Algorithm development and model validation
  •   Big-data implementation and roll-outs
  •   Predictive analytics, visualization, EWS, alerts
  •   Analytics usage and business value audit

  Data Life-cycle Management

  •   Developing global data standards and definitions
  •   Data governance set-up
  •   Data retention policy (archiving-retrieval-re-purposing)
  •   Internal and external data requirements analysis
  •   Data acquisition-normalization strategy
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