We are different because we help our customers carefully choose those analytics engagements that deliver the highest return on investment.

While there is increased awareness that investment into ‘analytics’ would work wonders into enhancing business performance of a company, it is still an enigma as to what constitutes ‘a right investment’. Many companies have jumped on the Analytics bandwagon hastily without seriously understanding what investment would provide what business value, leading to poor investment decisions.

The core purpose of analytics being “data driven-proactive decision making”, it is critical to understand organizational imperatives:

  • Connecting Key Decisions to Data and Analysis, i.e. which Key Decision requires what Data and what Analysis to start with, and
  • Connecting Value Creation to Analytics, i.e. what incremental business value comes from such analytics and proactive-informed decision making.
  1. Kick-off Phase

    At Data-by-Choice, we strongly recommend starting off with a comprehensive due-diligence to work out a business case and strategic roadmap for analytics investments. Further, we believe in building models using a combination of statistical and Machine Learning techniques – which are both interactive and can ‘learn as you use’ – i.e., we deliver models that become more and more proficient with repeated usage.

  2. Implementation Phase:

    We deploy a very unique Implementation Process to ensure a comprehensive and scalable solution, rather than a one-time fix.

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